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Amazon Warehouse Staff Alleges Retaliation

Photo credit: Amazon

An Amazon warehouse employee in the U.S. state of Minnesota has accused the e-commerce giant of retaliating against her for protesting against what she termed as unsafe working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. The employee, Hibaq Mohamed by name, penned a letter to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, a letter that said managers at the Amazon facility were she works demanded that she accounts for time away from her workstation, including increments of less than three minutes. Mohamed stipulates that she's being singled out for her activism and that she is now just a warning away from termination.

“I worked at Amazon for nearly four years with a very clean record and just one or two warnings I know of in that entire time,” she wrote in a letter first reviewed by Bloomberg. “Amazon managers have targeted me and openly harassed me before, but increasingly during the pandemic.”

Mohamed is seemingly an addition to a sizeable number of employees who have accused Amazon of retaliation. This year, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant is known to have terminated four employees who criticized its treatment of workers, with Amazon stating that they were all terminated for violating company policy.

Despite Amazon committing $800 million in the first half of this year for safety measures and equipment, a sizeable number of workers have continued to protest what they are unsafe working conditions. Mohamed, of concern here, led a video conference protest on the 24th of June, a protest during which she as well as other workers described concerns about getting sick and possibly bringing the coronavirus home to relatives.


  1. Amazon management are the ones who cant do the job themselves, if they are not careful, someone there may go postal, u never know.Has happened at ups and post office also, back off !!!!

    1. I agree tha's exactly why not too long ago, it was a worker who ran his truck through their building. Can you blame him sometimes you just get to the point when you're pushed to the edge.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I worked for Amazon for 3 years, way BEFORE the pandemic, I always said someone one day was gonna go postal. KNOW YOUR NEAREST EMERGENCY EXIT!! (It might save your life one day)

  3. If you worked there for 4 years TAKE THE BUY OUT AND RUN FAST!!!!

  4. Amazon is just another behemoth company that thinks they are above the law and that they can crush anyone like a bug. Bunch of A-Holes.

    1. They have always thought they were abouve the law. Out of all the money they have they have they have still yet to shut the buildings down for proper cleaning. Covid19 cases are on the rise throughout the company.

  5. I work at Amazon in Shakopee, and during the pandemic, I felt safe with the measures Amazon took to ameliorate the spread of Covid-19. I have been able to work safely during this pandemic, while adding to the local economy and not going on unemployment; with a temporary raise and double overtime pay, as well. I have felt safer in regard to Covid-19 then I have going to my local grocery store or gas station.
    I would suggest that Hibaq Mohamed quit Amazon if she dislikes working there, and get a job anywhere else. She is not being forced to stay there, and there are other employment opportunities in demand, such as a home health aide, or personal care attendant. She could work at Target or Walmart. Here is a good resource:
    There are other job options besides Amazon. The pay and benefits may not be as good, and she possibly won't be handed a job as easily as she was with Amazon, but sometimes you have to put effort into changing your situation.

    1. Ya she definitely is a puppet at Amazon.

    2. She work at Amazon 4 years, she doesn't want another job, why quit

  6. Amazon should consider it's tight rules over the employees maybe there should be some department to resolve a dispute inside every facilities

    1. Amazon doesn't care about thier employees. They are only worried about money and production thats it.

    2. So true they don't give a crap about you.

  7. Amazon all over is nothing but a money hungry company!
    Amazon is a Billion Dollar Company and should have continued hazard pay until this pandemic is over or at least just raised the pay to $17hr starting pay. With all the “New” changes made at Amazon the work load is even harder and heavier to move by oneself.
    The person who replied that the woman should quit and find another job must be an Amazon manager or someone else working in office!
    Like the last comment said... They Do Not care about their employees they only care about the bottom line and production!
    All those seasonal workers who are there instead of their own permanent workers who have worked through this whole pandemic should be treated better and given permanent positions!
    They only gave out a few permanent positions not nearly the amount they said they were going to give to keep these seasonal workers!


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