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GoPro outs a new camera!


GoPro for a while now has promised us that we'll get a new entry-level camera, this has been emphasized by Nick Woodman, GoPro's C.E.O and founder.

The company has now released the promised camera which is called the 'Hero', it costs $199 dollars and is available right now.

The new camera shoots at a maximum resolution of 1440p coming at 60 frames per second, it also takes 10 megapixel pictures and has a 10 frames per second burst shooting option, this new camera also uses an Ambarella chip.

The awesome camera also has voice control feature, is water resistant and also has a 2 inch touchscreen.

Head to GoPro's website or visit stores near you to get your hands on this new product.

Evan Blass gives us the OnePlus 6

photo credit : Evan Blass

Since a month ago, we have been shown different leaks of the successor to the OnePlus5T smartphone across the internet, the new smartphone's design takes hold of the front display cut-out which started to reign in smartphone design for a while now, right now a high definition image of the rear of the smartphone has been shown to the public by none other than notable leaker Evan Blass.

Evan Blass has a very wonderful record when it comes to giving us leaks of unreleased devices from so many smartphone companies, the phone is a uni-body steel or aluminium phone with a textured back judging from the photos of the leak, there is also a headphone jack, a USB port and a single mic grille.

This corresponds with the other leaks of the smartphone so far which stated the same features.

The OnePlus 5T has already sold out in North America which makes everyone expectant and always ready ready to purchase the OnePlus 6.

Amazon gets new patent for drone control gestures

E-commerce Giant Amazon has now posted another patent for its Prime air drone delivery service, This new interesting patent involves drones being waved and screamed at with the drone responding automatically to the gestures, this idea suggests that Amazon will include a feature where customers will be able to harness voice control to enable drones to safely deliver their products.

This patent which was granted by the U.S Patent and trademark office was filed over a year ago (July 2016) to be precise, The patent outlines info on how the customers will control the drone instructing it to drop the package and ensure a safe flight path for it.

The drone's On-board sensors will respond to the customer gestures which confirms when it will be safe to drop the package.

Amazon is currently testing its drone delivery service with the company fulfilling its first order by drone December 2016 in U.K.

Amazon has recently also filed patents for a parachute delivery package and a flying warehou…

Dropbox booms at its IPO!

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Dropbox went boom on its first day of going public yersteday.

The online storage company soared by 40% after a pre-ipo value of about $7-$8 billion pushing the value of the company to $11.2 Billion which is 12% more than it's most recent private valuation of $10 Billion.

Dropbox got early investments from Y Combinator so it came as no surprise when the startup incubator's president Sam Altman shared pictures of the checks Y Combinator wrote the company at its beginning stage after offering them a very awesome congratulations for IPO Success.

YC has backed and churned out many unicorns including Airbnb, Stripe, Cruise, Instacart, Coinbase and also Doordash with Dropbox included, of all these unicorns, Dropbox has been the first to go public from its incubation and this marks a very huge milestone for the Startup Accelerator.

Drop has booming revenues of $1.1 billion in its fiscal 2017 which is 31% bigger than its $844.8 million in the previous year 201…

Travis Kalanick is now a C.E.O again

A while after stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer of Uber Technologies, Travis Kalanick has landed a new job....well he didn't apply, he just purchased! ; Travis Kalanick announced yesterday that he's buying into a 15 person real estate startup named City Storage Systems to the tune of $150 million and will be taking the lead as the new C.E.O of the company.

Travis is buying out the company's current outside investors which include notable venture capitalist and early Facebook employee Chamath Palihapitiya.

Chamath's Social Capital led the last round of funding for City Storage Systems.

Travis announced his new gig on Twitter about 24 hours ago:

My new gig... — travis kalanick (@travisk) March 20, 2018Current Uber C.E.O Dara Khosrowshahi ‏ also tweeted about Kalanick's new venture offering him a very nice congratulations:

Congrats to @travisk on his new venture - the serial entrepreneur goes serial fast. @CloudKitchen a super-i…

3D printing company Desktop Metal gets $65 Million in its latest round

Desktop Metal, the renowned metal 3D printing company has grabbed a cool $65 Million (enough prints) round let by Ford to supercharge (no fuel again) its expansion.

Desktop Metal is out with a goal to make 3D printing readily accessible to manufacturers and engineers which are not in very high specialized industries and to also make 3D printing cheaper for companies who manufacture metal goods.

Desktop Metal's printers is not really made for domestic use which explains why as of this time of writing, the company is currently readying to ship its first set of mass production 3D printing machines which retail to enterprises for $400,000.

Ford's interest in this company is very clear given that it heavily depends on metal for its automobiles, Desktop Metal has raised a total of $277 Million with this round included.

Australia's Future Fund also participated in this round,.

The company's production system is aimed for released next year which According to the company"…

The USS Colorado submarine has a very cool part! - an Xbox controller

Steven Hoskins/ U.S. Navy via AP

Two days ago, the USS Colorado which is the US Navy's attack submarine called by the Secretary of the Navy Richard V Spencer called 'a true marvel of technology and innovation' - yes it is indeed, it comes with a well...very cool piece of equipment, an X-box controller which operates tthe submarine's two photonics masts.

These masts are the successors to traditional periscopes we all might be familiar with, yes we don't use that again, we have replaced that with infrared digital camera which is housed in the masts.

The US Navy stated on its website that this is the first submarine to debut with this amazing control mechanism.

Using these form of technologies reduces cost for the Navy and makes and also makes the sailors intuitive according Commander Reed Koep, Colorado's commanding officer.

This is actually not the first time of video games stepping into the arena of military operations, Many video games are created using projec…

Japan outs its new high speed train

photo: JR Central

Japan right now is really beefing up its transportation tech.

Japan's railway company has unveiled a new high speed train - the Shinkansen Supreme model, the new train features power sockets for every seat, light-up luggae racks and also a sharper nose outline.

The train's seats have been upgraded with a new fabric and also designed in a way which 15% more leg space has been added, the lights also turns on automatically when the train stops in order to help passengers find their luggage with ease.

The more streamlined nose design which is dubbed "dual supreme wind" lessens air resistance and reduces noise when the train gets into tunnels.

photo : JR Central

The new train is made of 16 cars, two are used for driving the train while the rest are used for commuting passengers, the 16 car arrangement can also be reduced to eight or twelve car formations.

The train is also 11 tons lighter than the older generation models and will also consume less energy …

Avegant replaces C.E.O amidst employee layoffs

Mixed Reality startup Avegant recently laid off a notable percent of its staff in recent times and has now replaced the person with the title of the C.E.O, giving the position to one of the company's founders Ed Tang, all this information comes from people familiar with the company's operations.

Avegant had 40 to 50 employees at its peak but right now has reduced its employee number to less than 20, Ed Tang confirmed his ew role but didn't comment on the layoffs which rocked the company, He also made it clear that the company's goal stays the same with the company about to grab a $10 Million round that would resourcefully boost its effort in its Augmented Reality ambitions.

The Silicon Valley based startup uses "light field display technology", the same technology Magic Leap also says it's using with those trying it saying it offers a better experience than HoloLens's $3000 developer headset.

Avegant produces and sells a headset which is designed to …

Lazada grabs extra $2 Billion from Alibaba

Chinese Tech giant Alibaba said today that it will invest another $2 Billion in online retailer Lazada to beef up its huge growth in the country.

This move also comes with an announcement that Ant Financial executive chair and Alibaba co-founder will replace Max Bittner, Lazada's founder as the company's C.E.O, this investment makes it a total of $4 Billion Alibaba has poured into Lazada Group since its integration into Alibaba's network.

Alibaba is preparing for fierce competition in the South Asia where both Amazon and Shopee make up a good chunk of it's e-commerce market.

Lazada has progressed intensely in the region but in a current loss making process in order to increase its market percentage amidst a lot of competition.

Max Bittner, the company's C.E.O who is handing over to Lucy Peng will take on advisory role at the company.

Southeast Asia's internet economy is expected to grow to $200 in 7 years time with e-commerce being the main driving sectors, al…

Zuora comes in with $100 Million IPO

photo credit : Amy Feldman | Forbes   

Technology company Zuora released its IPO brochure two days ago.

The upcoming IPO is expected to fetch the company $100 Million, The cloud-computing company was is backed my a cool number of investors including Benchmark Capital and Blackrock Benchmark's stake coming at about 11% of the company.

The company helps businesses manage subscription services and pulled in almost $167.9 Million in its most recent Fiscal year, the company was also valued at a huge $750 Million during its last round of financing about three years ago.

The IPO train is really booming this year with both Dropbox going public with its shares expecting to start trading very soon and also Spotify whose shares will start to change hands starting from the 3rd of April.

Zuora also emphasized on company culture with its IPO filing specifically with the wordplay "Z.E.O" which narrates as the fact that every employee at Zuora is the boss of his/her own career.

The comp…

Match Group Inc sues Bumble after failing to buy it

Bumble C.E.O Whitney Wolfe Herd

Well, After it failed to buy online dating service Bumble last year for a reported $450 Million, Match Group Inc which owns both Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish and is suing the company for patent infringement.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in a US District court in Waco, Texas.

Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd who is originally one of the co-founders of Tinder, Match Group is suing Bumble for allegedly for Allegedly stealing its patent incuding one filed for Tinder's Swipe to Connect very notable feature.

The suit's filing can be seen below

Match Group v Bumble by Kurt Wagner on Scribd

The lawsuit also claims that former Tinder employees turned Bumble executives Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick stole features which were originally developed at Tinder for later use in the Bumble dating app.

According to a Match Group spokesperson, this is the first time that the company has enforced the patents it secured for double opt ins and sw…

Steve Jobs' employment application sold for $174,000

A job application which was filled out by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs 45 years ago has sold at an auction for a cool $174,757.

The historical deocument was purchased by a British internet entrepreneur at the auction proposed by the RR Auction house on Friday.

The legendary Steve Jobs was about 17 or 18 years of age at the time this application was crafted, in the document he presents himself as an English literature Major at Reed college, the application contains some errors including "Hewlett Packard" which Jobs mispelled as "Hewitt-Packard".

Steve Jobs and his namesake friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple about three years after this application was written.

Other items relating to Steve Jobs also sold at the auction including a technical manual of the Apple Mac OS X which He signed in 2001 which went for $41,806 and also a signed newspaper clipping featuring an image of Steve Jobs from 2008 speaking at Apple's developer conference sold for $26,950.

Uber may integrate its Self driving technology with Toyota vehicles

According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Uber is reportedly in talks to ship its custom self driving technology to a Toyota minivan in a move that marks the first time the company is selling its self driving technology to a business consumer.

Nikkei reported that Uber C.E.O Dara Khosrowshahi met with Toyota executives at Uber's research center in Pittsburgh although it's not yet clear what was discussed at the meeting.

Uber's self driving technology includes LIDAR laser scanning, data collection and mapping capabilities and is currently being tested in the Research center where the executives of both companies met.

Toyota is also an Uber investor and recently announced its own self driving venture into which it poured $2.8 Billion for research and development.

According to a Toyota spokeswoman, The two companies regularly exchange information with each other but has not yet finalized on a decision about its partnership.

This partnership represents a huge step for both s…

The Oculus Go VR headset is scheduled for release at this year's F8

Facebook is now planning to launch the Oculus Go headset at its upcoming F8 event on the 1st of May according to a slew of recent reports.

Variety broke the report which according to it, was confirmed by multiple but currently unnamed sources, this move makes good sense when the fact that Facebook's Vice President of AR/VR tweeted last month that F8 was "where we'll share the biggest AR/VR news from Facebook to date."

Under 70 days to go until our biggest F8 to date -- where we'll share the biggest AR/VR news from Facebook to date. — Boz (@boztank) February 21, 2018This particular VR headset was announced at Facebook's previous Oculus Connect 4 conference in October last year.

The Oculus Go came in with a price of $199.

Facebook gave developers versions of the Oculus Go that somehow looked like final retail products sometime last year and also announced a partnership with Xiaomi and Qualcomm which will see the two companies manufactur…

AR beauty company Modiface has been acquired by L'Oreal

Today, L'Oreal announced that is has acquired Canadian beauty tech company Modiface, a company that's come up with so many AR beauty apps consisting of those coming from Estée Lauder and LVMH's Sephora.

The company was founded in 2006 and its AR technology is being used by so many yother cosmetic makers.

The company has 70 employees and will be acquired for an undisclosed sum, this is also the first time L'Oreal has acquired a technology focused beauty company after acquiring over 30 brands to its name.

The chief digital officer of L'Oreal, Lubomira Rochet, said in a statement that this acquisition would “support the reinvention of the beauty experience around innovative services to help our customers discover, try and chose products and brands.”.

L'Oreal got 8% of its total revenue online last year and is obviously doubling on this new wave through different strategies; of which one is this particular acquisition.

Modiface's technology allows customers to…

Zscaler rises so high on its first day of debut on the stock market

Zscaler, the enterprise cloud security company which had raised a cool sum of $148 million from previous investors made its debut on the public stock market today, after assigning a price of  $16 per share to its name, the shares debuted trading at $27.50 and closed at a over 100 perecent jump to $34.

This IPO gave the company a nice sum of $192 million for its expansions.

There was a highly significant better than expected IPO for this company.

Zscaler is actually not yet profitable but it brought in a cool $125.7 million as revenue for last year growing more than 50% year on year with a previous $80.3 million revenue in 2016.

Zscaler also has the good benefit of counting 200 of the forbes global 2000 list of companies as customers.

It's the first tech unicorn (over $1 billion value) to go public this year, so right now we can enjoy this new company's success while we wait for Dropbox and Spotify to debut too.

Google Pay for Wear OS devices hits three more countries

Google pay as of now can be used with Wear OS(the new name for Android wear) devices in Australia, Canada and Spain as previously opposed to only the US and the UK.

Actually, enforcement for use in only the US and UK didn't get so much effort put into it which made people in other countries use the service without any issue, but users who then installed the Huawei Watch 2 Android Oreo update found out that their ability to use Google Pay was disabled outside both countries.

But right now. Google has confirmed the support of its payment service for those in Autralia, Canada and Spain so users can now use their smartwatches to make regular payments in these newly integrated countries.

Google Pay has also added the support of payments through 61 new US banks and credit unions along with 3 further card types.

For now there's no information on which countries would be integrated soon but Google has clarified that it's payment service will be rolled out to more countries gradua…

PUBG hits 5 million players! on Xbox

PUBG is surely one of the biggest games to come out of the industry in 2017, last year it was announced for the Xbox and was originally launched through the Xbox game preview program.

Right now, it has hit a record of 5 million players! on the Xbox, the announcement of this awesome milestone came through Xbox wire earlier today.

PUBG players will also get an exclusive free gift of  a 'PUBG 5' Xbox green jacket which is pictured above.

A video announcement was also released which featured some community members in the PUBG game.

These five million players also have some interesting statistics to show for it, so far there have been 952,312 deaths by frying pan; 4.9 million chicken dinners served; 23.5 million care packages delivered; and over 41 million deaths attributed to the Blue Zone.

Right now PUBG is only available for console through the Xbox one due to an exclusive partnership with Microsoft but PUBG has stated that it wants to bring the game to all platforms although n…

Robinhood is now worth more than $5 Billion

Robinhood Markets Inc, the company responsible for the creation of the stock trading app Robinhood is now set to receive a huge funding round of about $350 million with the new investment valuing the company at a whooping $5.6 Billion which is more than a four-fold jump from its previous valuation of $1.3 Billion.

The funding round is being led by DST Global, the technology investment firm founded by Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner who has minted a huge fortune in a series of notable venture capital deals in Silicon Valley.

It can also be noted that its previous funding round of $110 Million was led by the same investment firm DST Global.

Robinhood currently has more than four million of which most fall into the 'millenial' category.

The Robinhood app was launched three years ago and is notable for its stock trading without fees attached, The company also began gradually rolling out trading of cryptocurrency to the app beginning last month with more than a million people join…

New Orleans ends it contract with Data Mining firm Palantir

Just yesterday, the press office of Mitch Landrieu, the outgoing Mayor of New Orleans said that the city isn't planning to renew its contract with Palantir Technologies, the Tech giant co-founded by Peter Thiel which provides data analysis for the New Orleans Police Department and its multi-agency gang unit.

Mitch Landrieu's press secretary Craig Belden  said in an e-mail "This technology is no longer being utilized in day-to-day operations, and therefore, will not be renewed".

Palantir recently sparked controversy when it was reported that its partnership with the city of New Orleans which saw it use data do aid investigators in linking suspected gang members to other members of the community and identifying people of high risk of committing or being a victim of gun violence was conducted without public knowledge and was extended three times since it was first drafted six years ago.

The involvement of Palantir in gang investigatons has led to arguments for a new tr…

Blue Apron brings its meal kits to actual stores

Blue Apron is now going to bring its meal kits to real stores and is targeting to do so at the end of the year.

Blue Apron which was actually one of the first meal kit delivery company's to spring up but right now with so much competition, if faces lagging sales and a falling share price which trades at a price slightly above $2 as above to its $10 debut on the market.

The company had to lay off employees in order to cut costs, up profits and maintain its price on the stock market

Blue Apron is now going to boost its revenue by selling its products in stores thereby evading the limits of selling just via a subscription model, This provides broader access to its services by the company's customers.

Blue Apron's increasing competition includes Amazon which sells pre-portioned meal kits through its AmazonFresh service, Kroger, start-ups Hello, Plated and Walmart which recently introduced its meal kit from third party brands which costs between $8 to $15 for two servings.


Lyft teams up with Magna to build its self driving cars

Lyft is really doubling down on its Self- Driving project.

The ride hailing company just announced it has formed a partnership with Magna, a moor automotive supplier and the largest in North America to build and utilize self-driving cars.

This partnership will see Lyft getting a $200 million investment from the automotive company as they begin a multi-year partnership to produce a self driving system that will be mass produced at scale.

Magnas investment in Lyft is part of its recent $1 Billion round of financing led by Googles Capital  G.

Magna is part of a consortium including BMW, Mobileye and Intel to develop a very advanced self driving to be used by automakers from 2020.

This partnership will be very beneficial to both companies, To win its major competitor Uber, Lyft must have to exceptionally excel at its self driving car technology and its partnership with Magna brings a whole lot of incentives for it being that Magna is a very maor automotive supplier which earned $38 Billi…

Logitech dishes out new products for its gaming lineup

Logitech's G Brand has announced has annnounced the launch of the G560, a new gaming speaker that doesn't just sound good but also put on a light show around the desk it's being used on, it comes with a total of four RGB LED lightning zones which displays around 16.8 million colors, they also can synchronize with what's being played on the screen or the background music of the game.

It comes at a cost of $200 and stimulates surround sound through the use of  DTS:X Ultra technology, the speakers also have various options of connecting which include USB, 3.5 mm and Bluetooth.

The speaker also allows for connection between several devices which can then be switched between use, it can connect to a USB device, another using the 3.5mm input and an extra two using bluetooth.

Also coming along with the G650 is the G513 gaming keyboard which is an updated version of the G413 keyboard, it's been upgraded from th single color LED lights to the new 'Lightsync' techno…

Skyrim VR comes to Steam next month

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR will be coming to the PC via Steam VR next month after its reign on the PSVR.

Bethesda the game's publisher announced that the game will become compatible with all the Virtual Reality platforms anyone can think of.

In Skyrim VR, you'll get to battle fearsome hunting dragons in rugged mountainside in a totally immersive mode, one of the best experiences for every game out there.

It's a much lot easier to be action focused when you feel you're in it and that's exactly what the game is offering.

You can also get the game for the Nintendo Switch right now.

Nest's new products are now shipping!

The Nest Doorbell which was announced September 2017 but hadn't started shipping yet is just doing that right now! - The Nest Hello is now available for $229.

Not only that, but the Nest x Yale lock and the Nest Temperature Sensor are also now available to consumers, the sensors each $39 while a three pack will go for $99.

The Nest Hello will let you see and communicate with who rings the device through the camera/microphone/speaker rig and will store the video of whoever Rang the doorbell for 3 hours, if you require the video after that then it calls for a Nest Aware subscription which costs  $30 a month for the camera, or $300 for the year.

It has a 3 Mega-pixel camera for 1600×1200 video shooting at 30 frames per second and also has Infrared Night Vision.

The product doesn't have its own battery so a connected power line is required.

As we previously reported on, these new devices won't be sold through Amazon.

Ninja, Drake, Travis Scott, Kim Dotcom and JuJu Smith-Schuster are currently playing Fortnite!

So right now Drake is on Twitch playing Fortnite on Twitch with the awesome player 'Ninja' and the resulting hype around Drake playing Fortnite has resulted in over 600,000 people streaming Live and breaking the previous record of 388,000 viewers.

Drake said on the Stream He has been playing Fornite for about a month or two and also said 'His Team plays Fortnite in the studio in order to take a break from intense twenty hour recording sessions.

Not only Drake is actually playing, Travis Scott, Kim Dotcom and JuJu Smith-Schuster  the NFL player are also in the game.

Rapper Drake shared the Twitch link to his 36.7 million Twitter Followers and the live stream blew up from there.

They had their own share of Technical Difficulties specifically when trying to add players to the group because as will always happen with celebrities, everyone's friend requests where maxed out.

Ubisoft has released a Starter Pack of 'For Honor'

Ubisoft's online game 'For Honor' has been continually updated and upgraded since its release last year, Ubisoft in a very smart move is now trying up the user numbers for the game through the introduction of the Starter Edition, this new version will enable gamers to compete with their friends but won't have access to all of its content at its beginning.

The Starter Edition has the usual features such as the campaign and Multiplayer mode but the players will get access to only 6 heroes with the remaining since needing to be unlocked through Steel - its In-Game currency.

The company revealed this previous month that the video game had 7.5 million Registered of which 1 million are monthly active users.

The Honor as of recent is on Season 5 of its post-release content.

The Starter Edition costs $14.99 comparable with the $59.99 for the standard edition and is now available for purchase on Steam.

Warby Parker Grabs $75 Million Series E venture round

Warby Parker, the extremely successful and now profitable Eye Glass retailer has grabbed a Series E round venture capital of $75 million which has raised the company's total funding to a cool $300 million.

The investment was led by T Rowe Price and will be used for research, development and other tech investments according to the company.

The company is now said to have its valuation increased to $1.75 Billion.

Warby Parker's co-C.E.O Neil Blumenthal.“We’ve always talked about building a brand for the next 100 years,” He also added “A bedrock of that is strong financial performance, in addition to building a brand that people love and has a great customer experience. According to our plan, we’re right on schedule.”, according to various market sources, the company now makes annual sales of $250 Millon.

The company which has disrupted the american eyewear market now employs more than 1,400 people and operates 65 retail locations around the US though it makes most of its sales …

Walmart is bringing Home Grocery delivery to 100 cities in the US


Walmart, today has said that it plans to offer grocery delivery to shoppers' homes directly in over 100 US cities in order to grow its online service and battle its competitors of which Amazon is the......Villian....😈

Walmart has heavily invested in its online services branch in order to be at pace with ever-changing customer tastes but the company didn't actually perform quite well in its 2017 fourth quarter when the company got a 23% slowdown in growth of online sales.

The new delivery service requires a $30 minimum purchase while the delivery service costs $9.95 per order.

Consumers can order the groceries online through walmart's online store or through the company's exclusive grocery app, Walmart who employs about 18,000 personal shoppers will now get the work done through them, they also plan to hire more personal shoppers to expand the new program.

Walmart will also expands its pickup grocery service this year to an additional 1,000 stores.

Walmart its…

Coinbase has released a new tax calculator

Image credit - Dans Cartoons

Crypto company Coinbase has released a new tool for calculating gains and losses as part of an effort to help its user base keep up with US Tax obligations.

Coinbase detailed that the new tool can be used to generate a report which outlines capital gains/losses on its platform using a FIFO (First-in-First-out) method of accounting, this was detailed on its blog post.

The tool is primarily aimed at users who buy or have traded crypto exclusively on its platform and not those who have purchased elsewhere or participated in Initial Coin Offerings.

This move comes after a huge struggle between the company and the IRS which saw court battles over access to data go on after the IRS suspected its users of tax evasion.

The number of Coinbase users who are eligible to use the tool may be limited though and Coinbase is not even the first company to try their hands at such a tool.

At August las…

IKEA has launched a furniture assembly service with TaskRabbit

Ok what if we tell you...You can now pay IKEA to put together that furniture you would have done yourself using TaskRabbit service, the new stuff is called 'TaskRabbit At-Home Assembly service' , it's currently available in Task Rabbit's select US Markets including six stores in San Francisco and New York which are Brooklyn, Long Island, Emeryville, East Palo Alto, Paramus, and Elizabeth

Well as for now, there's no same day construction service so the earliest we'll be able to book is for next day service and we will have to pay only after the furniture has been built, it costs $36 and comes with a flat rate fee per item excluding some huge items like bathrooms and Kitchens.

Customers can currently book with the IKEA website from a location where TaskRabbit is available.

The Service is tuned to roll out to more locations this year which include Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, DC, Boston and many more.

Amazon starts Free game give-away each month with Twitch Prime

Amazon has announced a new Twitch program called 'Free Games' with its Prime service, with this new service subscribers to Twitch prime membership will now receive a collection of games to play every month, the program kicks off tomorrow!

The games available next month includes  Shadow Tactics, Superhot, Oxenfree, Tales from Candlekeep and Mr. Shifty, also starting next month will be the titles Tales from the Borderland, Kingsway, SteamWorld Dig 2, Dubwars and Tokyo 42.

Just Announced! Free Games with Prime! Starting Thursday 3/15, we're upgrading your membership by giving you a collection of FREE GAMES EVERY MONTH! More info, including March and April games: — Twitch Prime (@TwitchPrime) March 13, 2018

This represents the first time Amazon and Twitch have used their to give out games on regular basis since it acquired the company 4 years ago for $970 Million.

The company also confirmed that all 8 games from its Twitch Pri…

Fitbit releases the Ace, a fitness wearable specifically designed for children

As earlier reported, Fitbit has released a new smartwatch called Ace which a new wearable directly made for children.

The Ace comes in two separate colors - Electric Blue and Power Purple and is also modeled after the Fitbit Alta, the wristband is designed for growing kids which allows for adjustment in a case of it feeling too tight.

According to Fitbit, the goal is to encourage kids to build habits around being physically active from an early stage.

Fitbit also said Ace accounts will not be permitted to join the social component of the regular Fitbit app whcih let's users share pictures and workout summaries in a chronological feed.

Young users who are using the Ace will have access to their stats, badges and various settings through a mode called 'Kid View'.

Kids can also set all their daily goals and active minutes for the smartwatch to track each day, they can also compete in challenges with other family members and also communicate with each other through the smartw…

Nancy Dubuc is now C.E.O of Vice Media

Vice Media has now confirmed that A+E Networks executive Nancy Dubuc is taking over as C.E.O of the company with co-founder flamboyant co-founder Shane Smith taking up the title of executive chairman.

Shane Smith confirmed that he will also now focus more on content development and Strategy deals.

Smith stated regarding the change"As we go forward Vice needs a best-in-class management team to harness all of this growth and control our own destiny, whether it be staying independent, strategically partnering with someone or going public,"

Smith also in the announcement outlined Nancy Dubuc as “better than me at everything,”.

As Shane will always Shine, he added “We are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde and we are going to take all your money,”, so we guess we should out, oohh no go use Vice Media!

Dubuc is already a board member at Vice Media and maintaned a professional relationship with Mr Smith and others through the Viceland cable channel launched as a partners…

Apple has announced the WWDC 18

Apple has now announced it's Worldwide Developers Conference for this year, it'll run from 4th of June to 8th in the city of San Jose, California.

Apple is anticipated to announce the new MacOS and iOS 12 at the technology event this year, Reports from Bloomberg indicates that Apple will push for stability in this year's update which caused it to pull back some much requested features in order to make this update right.

Reports also indicate a smaller iPad Pro version and a cheaper Macbook will be unveiled at the event.

Regarding the conference, Apple says "When technology connects with creativity, incredible ideas come to life." and also added "This summer, we invite thousands of talented minds from around the world to join us and turn their ideas into reality.".

Registration begins in 9 days time on the 22nd of March whereas tickets will be given out by random selection for the event, you'll have to be a pre-exisiting member of the Apple Develope…

....Not Again...Donald Trump ousts his Secretary of State with a tweet

Early this morning, mr Donald Trump announced (as usual) via twitter that CIA Director Mike Pompeo would replace current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the state department, a state department official by name of Steve Goldstein confirmed to CNN that Tillerson was made aware of the replacement by the tweet this morning.

Before He became Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was previously the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Exxon Mobil for a little over 10 years, His confirmation as Secretary of State received the highest opposition that anyone occupying the office had received in 50 years.

Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2018

Mike Pompeo served as a Republican Congressman representing Kansas.

Gina Haspel who w…

Waymo's self driving cars are now so comfortable to passengers

Waymo recently begun inviting members of its Early Rider program based in Phoenix to ride in its fully autonomous vans.

The company has released a short video of what it's like to ride in its Self-driving cars originally at SXSW where its C.E.O John Krafcik is presenting a keynote address.

Passengers are shown in the back seat laughing, yawning, texting, marveling and taking selfies.

The Techie is now so happy to know that people now love and are now so comfortable with Self-Driving cars which is a big plus to the world of automotive technology and human progress,.... but we still know some people are scared of riding in self -driving cars, come on... what are you waiting for? these things are cool, join the movement.

Waymo currently has around 600 Chrysler Minivans in its fleet of which some are presently in Arizona for its early rider program, the company also has test vehicles operating in a number of citites including Tech's San Francisco, Washington State, Atlanta and Mi…

Fitbit's 'Pump and Dump' trader gets two years in.....we probably know where

A stock trader in the US has been sentenced to two years in prison for securities fraud peformed on Smartwatch and wearable accessories maker Fitbit, the operation known as 'Pump and Dump' which involves  involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price, not cool is the fact that the operation only earned the trader just a few Thousand dollars.

Robert Walter Murray was handed the prison term after pleading guilty to only one count of securities fraud.

Murray admitted to running a Pump and Dump scheme on Fitbit Stock through submission of false documents to the SEC involving an acquisiton offer from a so called Chinese firm called ABM Capital.

After the false acquisiton offer became unknown, investors thinking it was real drove the stock price up to $9.27 from $8.55 which allowed Murray to sell his shares for a tidy profit without the acquisition offer ev…

Valve introduces the 'Dota Plus' - a new subscription service for Dota 2 gamers!

Today, Valve announced 'Dota Plus' - a subscription service for Dota 2 gamers which comes as a replacement for the Battle Pass which was mostly about sponsored majors and tournaments.

The company would rather focus on one solid system which can be updated on the go for everyone at a stretch rather than maintaining two types of Battle Passes with their own separate guidelines for gameplay.

According to Valve, it works as an “ongoing, uninterrupted service” explicitly created to replace the seasonal Battle Passes.

It starts from $3.99 per month with half and full year packages that can be gifted from player to player.

The Biggest feature Dota plus introduces is the Assistant, a very cool tool available to players which provides real time suggestions for leveling up abilities, purchasing Heroes, buying items and much more.

Players will also now earn Shards as they level up, the Shard is a new form of currency that can be used to get cosmetic items and new stat-tracking achieveme…

Larry Page backed Kitty Hawk unveils its autonomous Flying Car 'Cora'

Jacinda Adern, New Zealand's prime minister is preparing to announce an agreement with Kitty Hawk, a company building autonomous planes and backed by Alphabet C.E.O Larry Page to test their flying taxis for affirmation in the country.

Kitty Hawk unveiled its commercial plane named Cora late yersteday, Cora is completely autonomous, all-electric with a range of 100km and can travel at 93 miles per hour and also adding that it takes off and lands both vertically, thereby not needing any runway to operate.

The company according to a report, is working on an app which will enable users to hail its air taxis.

The minister for research, science and innovation for New Zealand, Megan Woods said that Kitty Hawk's vehicle fits into the country's aim of having net zero emissions in 32 years time (2050).

The company also released a prototype video last year of one of its vehilces which rode over water and is all-electric, Kitty Hawk is operating as Zephyr Airworks in the country of N…

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Velodyne Aims For Reverse Public Listing

Velodyne, the lidar manufacturer backed by among others Ford and Chinese search giant Baidu, is in talks for a reverse listing with Graf Industrial Corp in order to debut on the public markets, according to a source familiar with the matter. Graf is working with an adviser on a possible merger with Velodyne, according to our source. Last year, Velodyne was reported to have hired bankers to spearhead a possible public listing but it seems the company has decided to take the "backdoor" method of going public by merging with a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC). SPACs, in this case, are corporate entities taken public for the sole purpose of merging with another private company.

As a private company, Velodyne has raised some $225 million in funding. The company's last-known private funding gave it a valuation of $1.8 billion, a valuation Velodyne may be seeking to surpass on the public markets. Graf Industrial, the intended SPAC for Velodyne, held an initial pu…

Xpeng Begins P7 Deliveries

Just a short while after unveiling a new electric sports sedan named the P7, Chinese electric vehicle upstart Xpeng has begun making deliveries, notably a few weeks after the company formally opened a new factory to produce the new vehicle. Production has apparently begun at the newly opened plant and Xpeng says it aims to produce 100,000 P7 sedans annually. Xpeng surely moves fast, being a company founded only six years ago. The China-based company launched and begun making deliveries of its first vehicle, the G3 SUV, in 2018, four years after its launch. The P7 sports sedan is the company's second-ever vehicle. A picture below gives an encouraging look of a large number of P7 sedans awaiting delivery into customers' hands;

The Xpeng P7 costs anywhere between $32,000-$49,000 "post-subsidies", quoting Xpeng. It's available in 3 versions and 8 configurations. The vehicle's best feature happens to be its range, which Xpeng pegs at up to 706km on full-charge. T…

Tesla Now World's Most Valuable Carmaker

Electric car maker Tesla has been on a tear as of late, with its share price having shot past $1,100 a pop and given the company status as the world's most valuable automaker. Currently (as of writing), Tesla has a market capitalization hovering around $208 billion, beating the likes of Ford, GM, and Toyota which actually manufacture way more cars and mint much more revenue. Before now, Toyota had been the automaker with the largest public market capitalization. Toyota (as of writing) has a market capitalization hovering around $203 billion, a bit lower than Tesla's.

Investors seem to be drooling for Tesla shares given its valuation despite minting lesser revenue than other traditional automakers. For a quick comparison, Tesla delivered 367,500 vehicles last year while Toyota delivered 10 million, about 27 times Tesla's. Investors seem to have much courage in Tesla's future potential, given it's a company that only debuted on the public markets 10 years ago. The l…

DoJ Indicts VC Michael Rothenberg

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced an indictment of investor Michael Rothenberg, a once high-flying venture capitalist whose wings seemingly got clipped after the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) accused him of misappropriating $19 million of investors' funds. Rothenberg was slapped with more than $31 million in fines from the SEC as a result, but it appears authorities are still pushing for more, as the Justice Department has filed charges of fraud against him. The DoJ alleges Mike Rothenberg "orchestrated multiple schemes to defraud his victims", victims, in this case, being investors in Rothenberg Ventures, the eponymous venture capital firm Rothenberg founded.

The Justice Department accuses Rothenberg of bank fraud and defrauding investors. As for bank fraud, it's alleged that Rothenberg made false statements about his wealth to his bank while refinancing his home mortgage and obtaining a personal loan. As to allegedly defrauding investor…

Peloton Launches On Roku

Fitness sensation Peloton has formally launched its app on the Roku streaming platform, entailing its live fitness classes can now be streamed by Roku users in the comfort of their homes. The Peloton channel has been made available on the Roku Channel Store, enabling users to stream live fitness sessions for a fee. Payments will be processed on the Roku Pay platform, making signing up much easier for users. Existing Peloton subscribers can also automatically log-in using their credentials and gain access to live fitness sessions.

The coronavirus pandemic has largely driven people away from public gyms towards home fitness activities, and such, online fitness streaming activity has seemingly shot through the roof. According to Roku, streaming on its Health & Fitness category grew more than 130% in May alone. Peloton happens to be a benefit of the large pivot towards home fitness, thanks to its stationary bikes and treadmills with live-streamed fitness sessions that have garnered a…

Uber Reaches To Buy Postmates: Report

Uber is in talks to acquire food-delivery competitor Postmates in a $2.6 billion deal, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, which notes that a deal could be announced by next week or even sooner. Postmates has been said to be targeting an initial public offering but while also shopping itself around to potential buyers. Uber is notably fresh off an attempt to acquire Grubhub, another food delivery competitor which was, however, sold to British food delivery company Just Eat

Postmates has raised about $900 million in funding so far, valued at $2.4 billion as of its last funding round. The company had confidentially filed for a public listing in February of last year but didn't follow up with a public filing. In the past, Postmates is said to have shopped itself to companies including Walmart and food-delivery competitor DoorDash. Postmates is known to be unprofitable, so the public markets may not favor the company as much as a private sale and it seem…

TuSimple Seeks New Funding

Self-driving truck startup TuSimple is seeking up to $250 million in new funding and has hired investment bank Morgan Stanley to help it raise that amount, as first reported by TechCrunch. Morgan Stanley is said to have sent out informational packets to potential investors in a bid to seek funding for TuSimple. Already, TuSimple has raised about $300 million in total funding but happens to be seeking more. The San Diego-based company last raised funding in September of last year.

TuSimple was founded in 2015, at a time when most of the self-driving industry was focused on passenger cars rather than big trucks. The company has managed to secure significant funding and attention since then, with backers including UPS, CDH Investments, and China's Sina Corp. Although based out of San Diego, TuSimple currently tests on public roads in the state of Arizona and also in Shanghai, China. The company is aiming to make a dent in the $800 billion U.S. trucking industry.

As of its last fundi…

Amazon Hands Bonuses To Frontline Workers

The coronavirus pandemic largely boosted the need for e-commerce and, in turn, the fortunes of Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon. It's such that Amazon hired 175,000 additional people to keep up with increased demand. Now, Amazon has announced it's doling out $500 million in combined bonuses to its frontline workers, who were employed at the company throughout the month of June. The bonus is divided into various grades, including $500 for full-time warehouse workers, $250 for part-time warehouse workers, $1,000 for warehouse leads, $3,000 for delivery service partners, and $150 for each Amazon Flex driver who drove more than 10 hours in June. The bonuses for warehouse workers also covers Whole Foods employees.

The bonus dole-out was announced by Dave Clark, Amazon's famed logistics chief, who has been instrumental in setting up and overseeing the company's mammoth logistics operations. Amazon dubs the bonus as a "Thank You" bonus for its workers, many of…

Tesla Delivered 90,650 Vehicles In Q2

As anticipated, Tesla just released its production numbers for the second quarter of this year and indicated it delivered 90,650 vehicles, a slight (4.8%) drop from the previous quarter. Tesla actually managed to beat expectations despite a pandemic that led it to suspend operation for weeks at its main production facility. The majority (80,050) of Tesla's deliveries were Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, its less expensive models, while Model S and Model X vehicles, the more expensive ones, accounted for a minority (10,600).

Analysts had anticipated lower delivery numbers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with some even forecasting as low as 39,000 deliveries in this quarter. A concord of analysts polled by FactSet indicated an average forecast of 72,000 vehicle deliveries for the quarter.

The release of Tesla's latest production results comes on the heels of the company surpassing Japanese automaker Toyota to become the world's most valuable automaker.

Personal Capital Sells For $1 Billion

Personal Capital, a Redwood City, California-based wealth management startup, has been sold to retirement plan provider Empower Retirement in a deal that adds up to $1 billion. Empower Retirement has reached a deal to acquire Personal Capital for an upfront payment of $825 million in cash plus $175 million in potential "planned growth" incentives. The acquisition seems like a win for Personal Capital, which has raised $265 million in funding as a private company. According to PitchBook data, Personal Capital was valued at $950 million as of its last fundraising in February of last year.

Personal Capital was founded in 2008. The company provides digital-based money management services, similar to the likes of Wealthfront, Betterment, and Acorns. Currently, Personal Capital manages a cumulative $12 billion in assets for some 2.5 million users. Personal Capital has offices in the cities of San Francisco, Atlanta, Denver, and Dallas. The company employs more than 400 people.